Watch your body if you wish your brain work correctly.

In Odessa in February there was opened Siam Thai Spa – Saloon of thai massage. Siam Thai Spa supporting thai healing system provides to the clients exotic and exclusive service and states that HARMONY MUST BE IN EVERYTHING.

We tried to hire thai massage specialists certified by Ministry of Health of Thailand, with the years of experience in many countries.

Thai system of healing (in south Buddhism) defines that the session of massage – is GIVING WELFARE, DONATING HEALING.

We have a possibility to meet with thai system of healing and thai unique mentality without traveling to Thailand. Making welfare, smiling (SIAM – means ‘smile’), joy – you’ll feel them from the massage therapist towards YOU and only YOU, sincerely.

We tried to create an atmosphere of coziness, warmth and good-feeling.

Classical interior of the saloon is fully in stylish elements of thai designers. Elegant details, attributes of East, reflects not only prestige , but the main strategy of the saloon – HARMONY MUST BE IN EVERYTHING.

Tender light, relaxing music, candles’ twinkle, fragrance odor, tea ceremony is a dominant entirety of the saloon atmosphere.

To be healthy is in fashion,
To be young is of prestige.

As they say on the East : “… the great way starts from the first step’.

Make it right now.